An Italian passion which conquers the world.


Every year, on October, 25th, the World Pasta Day is celebrated, through promotional initiatives and events taking place everywhere in the world – even at the same time.

The initiative's main goal is that of celebrating pasta, while communicating to media and consumers its nutritional qualities. Pasta is a “total” kind of food, since it's consumed in every continent and aptly satisfies our diet's primary requirements, while contemporaneously exalting the most advanced gastronomic experiments.  

The first edition of the World Pasta Day took place in Naples, in 1998. Since then the event has been held on a yearly basis, moving to Genoa (1999), Rome (2000, 2001,2002 and 2006), Naples (2003), New York City (2004 and 2009), Barcelona (2005), Mexico City (2007), Istanbul (2008), Rio de Janeiro (2010), Rome (2011), Mexico City (2012), Istanbul (2013), Buenos Aires (2014) and once again in Milan (October 25-27, 2015).

The World Pasta Day is organized also thanks to the support by UN.A.F.P.A. (Union of the European Union Pasta Producers Organization), whose Secretariat has been chaired by AIDEPI since 1994, and by IPO (International Pasta Organization), whose Secretariat has been chaired by AIDEPI since its foundation, in 2005.

At the moment, UN.A.F.P.A. includes 12 European pasta producers Associations, representing an equal number of countries, and mainly aims at protecting this product by safeguarding its interests and specificities within the European institutions' normative policies.  

IPO is the international organization promoting pasta's consumption and knowledge all around the world, by making consumers increasingly aware of pasta's nutritional values and healthy effects. Moreover, IPO safeguards the sector's interests, by protecting the pasta industry's image on an international level.



IPO Secretariat General, based in Rome (Italy) since its foundation in 2005, is run by AIDEPI (Associazione delle Industrie del Dolce e della Pasta Italiane), the association representing Italian manufacturing industries of Pasta, Breakfast Cereals, Chocolate and Cocoa-based products, Ice Creams, Confectionery, Biscuits and other fine Bakery products.  
The Secretariat General carries out the Mission and Objectives of the IPO and is responsible for ensuring that information about the discussions and decisions taken are followed through and disseminated to all members.





Other co-operations
Available the Pasta APP made by AIDEPI

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