A healthier diet, a more sustainable development.

Sustainable development

Respect of the environment, energy saving, reduction of food waste, corporate social responsibility: in a few words, sustainable production.


Sustainable Development is a key topic for both the associated enterprises and AIDEPI, that supports its members by carrying out specific reports and by editing guidelines.

Sustainability: the adoption of a proactive logic
To suggest new solutions, and not just to wait for them to come from the outside: that's the operating philosophy of AIDEPI - and of the Commission for the Sustainable development in particular.
The Commission collects data on the main environmental indicators - like  CO2 emissions, energy and water consumption, produced and recycled waste, in order to analyze the situation about these topics and setting medium-term goals to improve the environmental impact.

Environment: more production, less packaging.
Since 1996, the Association has been performing a sector survey on the packagings that have been introduced on the market. The research showed a noticeable reduction of packaging in terms of volume, in view of an improvement of food production. 

In the 1997/2007 decade, the confectionery sector has performed a 19 per cent volume reduction in every packaging category (from 382.000 to 311.000 tons), in view of a 16 per cent improvement in terms of production (from 1.565.100 to 1.820.680 tons).

Pollution: IPPC and Best available techniques
AIDEPI has been particularly active in managing the enforcement of IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control ) directive regarding a mandatory authorization for all the potentially polluting industrial and agricultural activities.
Moreover, AIDEPI has also taken part in the determination of the “Best available techniques” - namely the procedures to prevent pollution - by participating with its experts to different national and European activities.

Food waste: turning waste into resources
Another key activity of AIDEPI is that of contributing in reducing food waste: thanks to its technical commissions, the Association has edited a series of Guidelines on the usage of food by-products, to be managed as a resource to be reused as feed, and not to be disposed as waste, with the resulting environmental impact.
Corporate Social responsibility: when ethics is a raw material
Producing in full respect of ethical principles and social working conditions, reducing environmental impact, preserving availability and quality of raw materials.
The Association and its members share this conviction - that's why AIDEPI supports the using of good practices processing codes and promotes the quality improvement of the whole supply chain.
Besides that, AIDEPI takes part in the European CAOBISCO Association on topics like Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility, and also plays an active role in the EU policies concerning sustainable production and consumption.


Other co-operations
Available the Pasta APP made by AIDEPI

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