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Food Contact Materials

A pool of food contact materials and food safety experts: an added value for both the enterprises and the consumers.


Packaging is a key factor in preserving products, as well as in preventing their organoleptic properties from being altered, to provide the consumers with both quality and safety.   
In order to follow the Community and national regulations of reference in considering packaging and contents of food products as parts of the same whole, and with the aim to prevent food safety alarms and problems, AIDEPI has reserved a specific activity to food-contact materials and objects.
Therefore, the Association has established the “Working commission of food packaging corporate experts", whose activities include:

  • Management of relevant food crisis
  • Building up of guidelines on the application of reg.  10/2011 - Plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food (working with the Italian National Health Institute, the Italian technical and scientific body of the Italian National Health Service)
  • Drafting of guidelines on conformity declarations regarding plastic, paper and cardboard materials and objects (approved by the Ministry of Health)
  • AIDEPI takes part in the CAST (Contatto Alimentare Sicurezza e Tecnologia / Food Contact, Safety and Technology) project, and edits its guidelines as the result of the combined activities of the professional associations of food and food packaging producers and of the Italian National Health Institute
  • The Association is a member of the Italian Packaging Institute (Istituto Italiano dell’Imballaggio) and promotes researching activities in collaboration with the Italian National Health Institute.

Other co-operations
Available the Pasta APP made by AIDEPI

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