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The signing, on October 28 in Milan, in the presence of Minister Lorenzin and the Aidepi President Paolo Barilla, renews thus the commitment of the Italian confectionary industry to improve the nutritional characteristics of the confectionary industry and that concerns the production of biscuits, merendine*, ice-creams but also of crackers and breakfast cereals. A roadmap of responsibility started voluntarily in 2008, agreed with the Ministry of Health 3 years ago and nowadays reconfirmed with new goals to be achieved by 2017.

Confectionary products with more fibres and less sugars, fats and salt. And again, clearer labels and smaller portions. On this policy, the voluntary commitment to nutritional innovation of confectionary products undertaken by companies associated with AIDEPI (the Confindustria Association that brings together the Italian Association of Confectionary and Pasta Industries) is renewed. A roadmap of responsibility started in 2008 and reiterated today with the signing of a new Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Health and AIDEPI where objectives for the improvement of the nutritional characteristics of food products with particular reference to the children 3-12 years are shared. The meeting took place at Expo, during the Conference "Feeding the planet, Feeding it healthy" at the presence of the Minister of health Beatrice Lorenzin and the AIDEPI President Paolo Barilla.



“Today we renew the commitment of producers to improve the nutritional characteristics and the labelling information of the confectionary products, especially those targeted to children. It is an intermediate step and a continuation of a path started voluntarily in 2008, which led us to innovate everyday products. To give some examples, since 2008 to date we have already reduced by 33 % the sodium content in breakfast cereals and we aim to get to -56 % by 2017. Whereas the concentration of fibres in biscuits has already increased by about 75%, up to 3.5 grams per 100 grams of product. But we are also intervening on portions, sugars and fats content, based on shared objectives with the Ministry of Health that we intend to achieve by 2017”

The virtuous path of AIDEPI was started in 2008 in the field of the Ministerial campaign “Gaining health” and saw the Italian confectionary industry operating on the average content of nutrients of a significant part of daily food, such as biscuits, breakfast cereals, merendine, crackers and ice-cream towards the most innovative products and nutritionally better than a few years ago, by reducing, in particular, the content of certain ingredients, like salt, sugars and fats, whose excessive consumption is not in line with the principles of a healthy diet.

“AIDEPI is always fully available and at the forefront with the Ministry. Since 2008, we have adopted a Self-Regulation Code in the Ministerial campaign “Gaining health” with whom our companies are committed to the gradual inclusion of nutritional information on the label of products, Mario Piccialuti Director of AIDEPI affirms, in order to enable consumers to make informed choices with an investment of over 30 million euro. In addition, the AIDEPI companies chose to give up any direct commercial activity related to the sale of confectionery products, such as merendine, biscuits, ice-cream and chocolate products to pupils in primary schools (elementary and middle schools) so that the parents maintain their children's food choices under control”.



Also on commercial communication the Italian confectionary industry has moved following the same principles of non-discrimination of products and promotion of healthy lifestyles, intended as nutrition and physical activity. The new commitment enhances even more the fairness of communicating messages aimed to children and families in agreement with the Advertising Self-regulation Code applied by National Institute of Self-regulation of Advertisement (Istituto di Autodisciplina Pubblicitaria – IAP).


I.G.I. Code

The Italian Ice-Cream Institute, born on the initiative of the largest Italian ice-cream industries and operated in full coordination with the AIDEPI, has developed a productive self-regulation Code. The I.G.I. Code. The Code I.G.I. sets the rules of composition of ingredients for each type of ice cream, identified with a specific denomination, offering to the consumer the possibility to obtain information on the products of Italian ice-cream industry. For further information: www.istitutogelato.it



*(from “merenda“, in Italy a small mid-morning, mid-afternoon meal) are serving-size baked cakes, prepared after traditional home-made recipes


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Available the Pasta APP made by AIDEPI

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