A healthier diet, a more sustainable development.

Communication initiatives

AIDEPI's initiatives for a healthy and correct diet.

Excess weight and obesity are risk factors to everyone's health.  Sensitizing consumers towards a healthy and well-balanced diet is the aim of both the European Union and AIDEPI, wich provides an active and responsible contribution to the prevention and promotion of healthier lifestyles, with particular attention to targets at greater risk, like teenagers and school-age children.
Here are some among the most important initiatives:

  • Una merendina al giorno…” (One merendina per day...); “Biscotti. E scatta il gusto“ (Biscuits. And taste springs up); “Il gelato dal tuo lato“ (Ice-cream from your perspective); "Le merendine, sicuro di conoscerle?” (Merendine: do you really know them?) – Information booklets featuring the collaboration of pediatricians and nutritionists.

  • Games of forever – An educational project for a correct lifestyle”, made in collaboration with MOIGE (Italian Parents Movement), and with the scientific support by FIMP (Italian Pediatricians Federation), ADI (Italian Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition Association) and by the Italian Health Ministry. The booklets inform parents and children on the importance of a regular lifestyle, combining a proper diet with physical activities.

  • Good morning breakfast – The first step for a proper lifestyle”, a round table with experts and the then-Italian Minister of Health, G. Sirchia, focused on breakfast: habits, consumption, opinions on one of the most important meals of the day.

  • When moving was a child's play”, a workshop in collaboration with CONI (Italian Olympic Committee) held in Rome, on November 19th, 2004, featuring the a study on “Physical capacities and energy expenditure in elementary school children".

  • The “merenda" time”, a workshop on industrial merendine (Rome, March 19th, 2004), featuring the introduction of the “Merendometro” ("Merenda-meter"), a new tool to help parents to understand the right weight of their children and a decalogue on the healthier way to have a merendina by INRAN (The National Istitute of Food Research and Nutrition.

  • Healthy Pasta Meals”, an international scientific workshop on carbohydrates, pasta and a healthy diet, which brought to the sharing of an important final recommendations document, the “Scientific Consensus Statement”, aimed at communicating news on the healthy effects of a regular pasta consumption to consumers, professional operators and media.



Other co-operations
Available the Pasta APP made by AIDEPI

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