Shivers of sweetness for every season.

At a glance

Ice cream has great nutritional and energy properties, and its easy digestibility makes it particularly suitable for the diet of children, of sportsmen and of the elderly, too.

Ice cream was invented in Italy, and from Italy it was introduced all over the world, thanks to the work of the ice cream-making masters who served many among the most important European courts in the Renaissance period. During last century, Italy regained the supremacy in the ice cream-making art, thanks to its industry.  

The ice-cream industry was born in Milan, at the beginning of the 1950s, and had the merit of bringing ice cream everywhere, thus playing a key role in increasing its consumption (which grew from 250 grams to 4 kilos per capita in forty years) and in turning it into a pleasure for everyone, in every season. 


Other co-operations
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