The AIDEPI's initiative to protect and support the Italian confectionery products.


DOLCE ITALIA is the logo chosen by AIDI (now a part of AIDEPI) in 1993, with the aim of promoting the Italian confectionery products on a national and international level.


  • Is in charge of information and promotion campaigns for the confectionery products and associated enterprises, and that very often in collaboration with ICE, or through public financing, even in partnership with other productive subjects.
  • Marks the confectionery enterprises' collective participation to international trade fairs.
  • Sponsors – through the associated enterprises' products – relevant cultural, social and institutional events.
  • Signs the Association's initiatives in order to guarantee consumers with the quality of their beloved products.
  • Is the name of the Confectionery Trade Fair that the Association has been patronizing for over twenty years (at first within the MIAD in Milan, then within Cibus Dolce in Parma). Since 2004, Cibus Dolce has actually turned into Dolce Italia, thus gaining its own identity and a distinct and independent personality in respect to Cibus, the concurrent International Food Exhibition. 
  • “Dolce Italia – Golden Tray” is the name of the Award given to the best new confectionery product during the “Dolce Italia” trade fair.

The contest, launched by the Association of the Italian Confectionery Industries in 1993 - “Silver Tray” - , has awarded - during its five editions and until the last one, which took place in 2000 - the innovative efforts of many small and big confectionery enterprises, from Italy and all over Europe.
Since 2004, in concurrence with the opening of “Dolce Italia”, the new Confectionery Trade Fair in Parma, the contest has been revisited, while also being given a new image and an effective, stronger connotation – hence the “Golden Tray” award, to be given to the exhibiting companies' new products, whose last edition took place in 2008.


Other co-operations
Available the Pasta APP made by AIDEPI

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