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Quality & Control

Integrated Quality: the main goal of all the confectionery and pasta industries.


What is quality? Until a few years ago, quality meant mainly safety, guaranteed through severe controls on products' chemical, physical and micro-biologycal features.

Today, quality is a more complex and global concept: it is the result of a synergic management between every sector of an enterprise and the several production activities, aiming at establishing a guaranteed and reliable, standardized and self-controlled process.  This is Integrated Quality, the main goal of all the confectionery and pasta industries.

Moreover, any lack in quality – like for instance an occasional mistake demanding to be corrected – has higher costs than those of the ordinary quality management. But there's more: a complaint, an accident or even a legal dispute to be solved represent not only an economical burden, but also a serious damage for the company's public image – a very difficult situation to recover.  

These are the reasons why AIDEPI's associated enterprises – supported by the association – follow the most severe Guidelines ruling the product's processing and packaging stages – and way beyond, since further controls are often  performed during transport and even on points of sale, too.


Other co-operations
Available the Pasta APP made by AIDEPI

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