An endless pleasure for our palate and mind.


In their dark, milk, white and gianduia (hazelnut-chocolate) varieties, besides the classic 100-grams format, chocolate bars are nowadays available in single-portion packs, in order to satisfy a sudden "desire for something tasty" or to recharge ourselves with energy when we're tired because of study or work.

The producing enterprises' imagination is highlighted in the creation of chocolates, that combine the excellent quality of chocolate and other ingredients such as hazelnuts, almonds, nuts, cherries and creams. Available in a wide range of sizes and flavours, chocolates not only satisfy the most demanding palates, but seduce our sight too, thanks to their elegant presentation boxes and gift-packagings and to the practical, few-pieces cases, providing the ideal solution for quick and tasty snacks.

Chocolate spreads
Chocolate spreads are a distinctively Italian product: many generations of children have grown up having bread or rusk bread spread with this delicious mixture of hazelnuts and low-fat cocoa for breakfast or as a snack. A healthy energy injection to face a particularly busy day.

Chocolate eggs
Easter chocolate eggs represent tradition and innovation, magic and surprise, sweetness and love, and conquer both hearts and palates. But there's more to make chocolate eggs even more desirable: the surprise gift inside, a true “made in Italy” invention, that is popular solely in our country. Year after year, the producing enterprises' creativity brings an added value to this ancient tradition by offering appealing wrappings as well as increasingly amazing, imaginative and funny gifts.
Chocolate snacks
Chocolate snacks are chocolate-coated bars and tablets, usually filled with biscuit, wafer, milk, caramel, hazelnuts and more. A tasty and energetic snack, and a practical one, too, thanks to its single-portions packaging, perfectly fitting a pause while practicing sports or at work.

Other cocoa-based products
Instant cocoa-based preparations and powdered cocoa are used to prepare smoking hot chocolate cups, delicious home-made cookies or cakes, or simply to provide children's breakfast milk with further energy and flavour.

Semifinished products
Chocolate coatings, powdered cocoa for industrial use, ersatz coatings and cocoa butter are all produced to be used by other industrial and artisanal enterprises in manufacturing chocolate products or as coatings or fillings for biscuits and other bakery and confectionery products, and for ice-creams, too. Semifinished products represent about a quarter of the whole cocoa-based industrial production.


Other co-operations
Available the Pasta APP made by AIDEPI

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