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Nutritional values

An energy injection to start the day
Rich in carbohydrates, breakfast cereals are the ideal source of energy to start the day for the better. Usually low in fats, they're often enriched with iron, calcium and vitamins, in order to enhance their nutritional value.

Many nutrients, few calories.
Consumers-ready cereals are considered a highly nourishing kind of food: this means they largely satisfy the daily intake of essential nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins), while supplying only a modest amount of  energy.

The pleasure of breakfast
Breakfast cereals are generally consumed with milk or yoghurt, and play a key role in encouraging both children and adults to consume what nutritionists consider to be the most important meal of the day on a regular basis.  

Breakfast cereal – Nutritional values


Each 100 g

30 g di product with 125 ml of semi-skimmed milk

Energy value

378 kcal / 1604 Kj

172 kcal / 732 Kj



0,9 g

2,5 g


Saturate fats

0,2 g

1,5 g



84 g

31 g



8 g

9 g



76 g

22 g


7 g

6 g


1,3 g

0,5 g


3 g

0,9 g


% RDA (*)

% RDA (*)

Vitamin D

4,2 μg (83%)

<1,3 μg (25%)


0,9 mg (83%)

<0,3 mg (29%)


1,2 mg (83%)

0,7 mg (44%)


13,3 mg (83%)

4,7 mg (26%)

Vitamin B6

1,2 mg (83%)

0,6 mg (29%)


166 μg (83%)

58 μg (29%)

Vitamin B12

2,1 μg (83%)

0,76 μg (77%)


8 mg (57%)

2,4 mg (17%)



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