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Flakes are obtained through the "flaking" process: cereal grains are pressure-cooked, usually with the addition of salt, sugar and malt. Subsequently, they are dried, cooled and pressed by rollers giving them their typical shape. At the end, flakes are toasted, cooled and packaged.

Puffed cereals
During the pre-cooking - or steam-cooking, in most of the cases - phase, cereals are pressed: the water inside heats up, turns into steam and puffs the grains. Cereals are then cooled, dried and bound to any other operation - like for instance a chocolate coating.

Extruded cereals
Flours, starch and other dried ingredients are firstly measured and secondly inserted in a particular machine called "extruder", that mixes them up and cooks them along with a solution of sugar, salt, malt, flavours and water.
Once the mixture is cooked, it is removed from the extruder and pressed, in order to give the cereal a puffed shape, or left at atmospheric pressure (natural condition), in order to give it different shapes (a small boat or ring, for instance).

Cereal bars
Cereal bars are single-portion products made by cereal mixtures (puffed rice, wheat, oats etc.) enriched with chocolate, dried fruit, hazelnuts, almonds, honey and much more. These bars make for a highly energetic snack – a source of vitamins and minerals – and their single-portion package is highly appreciated, particularly while practicing some sport or while at work.


Other co-operations
Available the Pasta APP made by AIDEPI

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