The sweet and salty taste of tradition.

At a glance

Thanks to their carbohydrates content and to their good nutritional intake, fine bakery products are the ideal kind of food for breakfast, a snack or an energy break while playing sports, studying or working.

The history of bread dates back to the primitive men, who used to cook a dough made of water and flour  - obtained by the rudimentary milling of cereal - on burning hot stones.
From the history of bread to that of bakery products is a short step: primary ingredients - flour, water and yeast - are the same, but - according to the recipe - they are enriched with eggs, butter, sugar, jam, chocolate, hazelnuts, raisins, candied fruit - and lots more.
Every region and every single village has been contributing to the Italian gastronomic heritage with their traditional bakery recipes. The bakery industry's production is mainly based on these ancient formulas, providing nowadays' consumers with quality, hygiene and control-guaranteed products.


Other co-operations
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