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Guide for a good hygiene and HACCP practice in the manufacturing of pasta products ©


Recently validated by Italian Ministry of Health, the Guide provides producing companies with information / comments on the most important points of EC legislation in order to avoid interpretative differences and promote uniform application by National Authorities. The Guide, therefore, also has the purpose of avoiding the introduction of obstacles in intra-Community trade.



The Guide consists of:

Ø    a part related to the requirements regarding good hygiene practice, required by Regulations (EC) no. 852/2004, no. 178/2002 and no. 1935/2004 on traceability. Each chapter is introduced by extracts from Annex II of the Regulation and continues with a clarification of the text limited to parts of interest for the pasta sector;

Ø    a part related to the HACCP plan in which, after the general description of the phases to be followed in an HACCP study, a flow chart of the production process of the various types of pasta and two summary tables of the analysis of the hazards and critical control points;

Ø    supplementary attachments relating to detergents and disinfectants, to raw materials microbiological and chemical risk (residues / contaminants), pests, food contact materials and allergens.


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Guide for a good hygiene and HACCP practice in the manufacturing of pasta products ©


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