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PASTA, Amore & Fantasia - Italian style on a plate



When you share a dish of pasta you bring not only tradition and innovation, but also a feeling of warmth and togetherness to the family table.

Eating together unites people. It encourages them to share experiences and ideas, and allows cooks to express their creativity, hospitality and friendship.

Pasta comes in many interesting shapes and can be accompanied by any type of sauce, from traditional to bold, turning any meal into a work of art. Pasta is a global food that can be adapted to the local setting, tradition, culture and cuisine of all peoples anywhere in the world. The number of recipes that can be made with pasta, ranging from simple to elaborate, are countless and suitable for all ages, tastes, lifestyles and diets, including vegetarian and vegan.

Pasta is synonymous with the Mediterranean diet, which is known and appreciated throughout the world. Thanks to its versatility, pasta harmonizes well with traditional and regional ingredients from around Italy. It is a basic food that unites key elements like no other product can, such as enhanced nutritional qualities, long shelf life, versatility of use, ease of preparation, affordability and wholesomeness. Pasta—the perfect blend of taste and healthiness—is a quintessential goodfood that satisfies all palates with its myriad of possible combinations.



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Available the Pasta APP made by AIDEPI

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