A representative in Italy, an ambassador in the world.


AIDEPI represents an industrial history to hand down to the future and to export all over the world.


In order to defend the Italian Confectionery and Pasta tradition, AIDEPI takes care of the interests of its members on a national and international level, liaising with institutions and administrations, either about the sector's regulations' development, or as a propeller for activities aimed to protect and promote its products.
The Association's mission is essentially conveyed by:

  1. Promoting the continuous development of a quality-based culture of business skills, directed not only towards consumers, but also towards employees, with particular attention to work safety conditions, and also on a perspective of social responsibility and sustainable development, throughout the direct involvement of members in workshops, seminars, training days, guidelines for the enforcement of regulations and every other instrument that can provide support to the associated companies.

  2. Representing and promoting the embodied values of the associated enterprises: quality and food safety of the industrial products, protection and valorization of the national tradition, and information transparency to consumers.

  3. Supporting the competitiveness of members through the promotion of a regulatory framework enabling the Italian industries to operate – on a production and commercial level - on equal terms with foreign competitors, thus facing with foreign markets without any drawback.

  4. Spreading out the knowledge and experience of its products.

In order to accomplish the above mentioned goals, the Association carries out a thoroughly exhaustive representation activity towards local Administrations and Institutions. Furthermore, Aidepi is member of several industrial associations, such as:

On a national level
Confindustria (Confederation of Italian Industries)
Federalimentare (Italian Food Federation)

On an international level
Caobisco - The Association of the Chocolate, Biscuit & Confectionery Industries of EU
Euroglaces - European Ice-cream Association
UN.A.F.P.A. - Union of the Organizations of Manufactures of Pasta Products of the EU
Ceereal - European Breakfast Cereal Association
I.P.O. - International Pasta Organization
I.C.A. - International Confectionery Association
ECFF - European Chilled Food Federation



Other co-operations
Available the Pasta APP made by AIDEPI

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