A healthier diet, a more sustainable development.

Agricultural commodities' studies

Law, economic and statistic studies to optimize the raw materials' supply.


Climatic changes, the continuously increasing global demand for raw materials and the medium-long term prediction of the demographic growth rates all suggest sustainability strategies in the raw materials' supply. As a consequence, the Association promotes the effective use of the different resources and fosters innovation practices in this field.

For what concerns these topics, AIDEPI provides its associates with the following instruments:

  • Study of the European regulations on the Common Agricultural Policy, or the set of norms ruling both the  European production and the extra-EU exchanges, as well as the updating of the associates on its evolution. 
  • Collaboration with the Institutions in order to represent the sector's interests.
  • Presence of the Association's own experts at the most important institutional tables, on a national and on a European scale, as stakeholders of reference.
  • Thematic and economic sector's studies, as well as macro-economic and market information on the commodities coming from the most important international databases.
  • Tendenze e mercati” (“Trends and Markets”), a monthly report including the world supply balances of all the main agricultural commodities and of the relevant quotations, as reported by the international goods stock exchanges.
  • Organization of workshops on topics such as the supply security, the international agricultural markets' trend predictions and the management of the markets' unpredictability.



Other co-operations
Available the Pasta APP made by AIDEPI

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