AIDEPI, the first cereal and sweets associative benchmark in terms of consistency of associates,  represents the national maufacturing industries of Pasta, Breakfast cereal, Chocolate and cocoa-based products, Ice creams, Sugar confectionery Biscuits and other fine bakery products.

The association safeguards its members' interests by talking with institutions and administrations, either about the sector's regulations' development or as a propeller of activities aimed to the protection and promotion of the represented products. 


SAVE THE DATE - Workshop "Commodity and Agroindustrial Raw Materials: harvest and market forecast 2014"

(Milan, 13th May 2014) The AIDEPI Workshop entitled "Commodity and Agroindustrial Raw Materials: ha

Workshop "Analysis of Law n. 78 of 16th May 2014 (Poletti Decree)"

(Milan, 27th June 2014) Last Friday 27th June 2014, in Milan, the AIDEPI Workshop “Analysis of Law...

Project "Expo meets business enterprises"

Onthe occasion of the conference "Let's talk about Food 365 days before EXPO" organized by Fiera Mil

Packaging - AIDEPI Convention / Interseroh Service Italia S.r.l.

AIDEPI has signed with Interseroh Service Italia S.r.l. (ISI) an agreement regarding the reimburseme

Presentation of the "First AIDEPI Sustainability Report"

(Rome, 23rd May 2014) The "First AIDEPI Sustainability Report" was presented at the Faculty of Econ


Un sito, con esperti di settore, per conoscere le merendine italiane

Racconta i mille risvolti delle buone storie di prima colazione

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Disponibile la nuova APP 'La pasta' realizzata da AIDEPI